Social Boundaries

Session 10


The Red Stranger Space

The Red Stranger Space is for complete strangers. Good examples of total strangers are people in a shopping mall or at a sporting event. A total stranger is someone your learner does not know and with whom they have no business. Thus, we try to focus their attention away from total strangers and the activities of total strangers. Terms such as “mind your own business” and “none of your business” are familiar sayings that help students complete their own tasks without distraction from strangers.

The three “Ts” for the Red Stranger Space are:

  • TALK. No talk.
  • TRUST. No trust.
  • TOUCH. No touch.


  • The main point of the Red Stranger Space is that your learner does not know this person. Your learner cannot tell if the total stranger is a good or bad person. Therefore, it is smart and mature to be attentive to safety, and to be guarded around total strangers. We don’t want learners to be fearful. We do want them to be disengaged.
  • To tell if a person belongs in the Red Stranger Space, you can use the six questions we have been discussing.

The Six Deciding Factors are:

    1. HOW LONG have I known the person?
    2. HOW OFTEN do I see the person?
    3. HOW MANY common bonds do I have with the person?
    4. HOW WELL do I know the person?
    5. HOW DEEP are my feelings for the person?
    6. HOW SAFE am I with the person?

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn/understand:

  • Who is in the Red Stranger Space
  • The three “T” rules for the Red Stranger Space
  • The sign for the Red Stranger Space

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