Empowered Educator Program

A Program of the National Down Syndrome Congress, Center for Outreach & Education

DSF is working with the National Down Syndrome Congress to develop an online program specifically for educators. The learning modules will demonstrate ways to further include students in the general education curriculum through effective literacy interventions, differentiated curriculum, technology, and instructional practices. Each 60-90 minute online lesson will be geared towards supporting teachers and other educational professionals to identify and apply effective interventions, learning strategies, and instructional solutions to use in student learning.

Developed by national experts in the fields of literacy, behavior, social-emotional development and similar topics, the modules will seek to improve practice. Structured to be applied tomorrow, the learning modules are meant to further empower educators in their work with students with Down syndrome, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, or students on the Autism Spectrum.

Organized for just-in-time independent learning, educators can select applicable topics (e.g., early reading development) and gain CEUs/professional learning credit through Texas Christian University (TCU) for each completed learning module.


  • Expert Perspective – on-demand presentation by a national expert.
  • Learning Activities – directed learning experiences to facilitate educator understanding for next day application.
  • Resources, Tips, & Tools – solutions for educators to use or adapt for the specific needs of their classroom or learning setting.

For more information and to keep updated on educational opportunities and program progress, please visit NDSC's Center For Outreach & Education.