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DSF partners with other Down syndrome groups to help build educational programming to support families and educators.

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“The resources, mentoring and support that DSF has generously shared with us through our Learning Program partnership has been invaluable - it is the reason we exist! This will be our eleventh year of providing Learning Program classes in the St. Louis region and we have seen our enrollment expand from 12 families to over 100 families. The impact is astounding - kids are reading and growing academically, parents are learning how to teach and support their children, and teachers are implementing strategies in their schools and classrooms. It is exciting to think of the lives that are touched and changed by this incredible program!”

-- Julie Williams
The Maren Fund, Inc.

"As a parent presenter, I have gained a great sense of satisfaction and pride in helping other parents and educators discover the path to educating our children according to their strengths. I have the privilege to serve others parents - who like me - see a world of possibilities for our children."

-- Jacqueline Buchner
The Learning Program Of Montgomery County, PA

"Teaching TLP has been an amazing experience! As a teacher, when you present a session, you learn not only from the topic introduced, but the research behind that topic and TLP's history with that topic session. That knowledge explains and informs each topic, and gives teachers the expertise and understanding to work through that topic with parents and teachers."

-- Teresa Kibelstis
Montgomery County Down Syndrome Interest Group

"Delivering Learning Program to the greater Boston community has been a most rewarding experience and the highlight of my professional career. We started as a pilot program and now support over 100 students each year in our quest to achieve effective instruction and inclusion for students with Down syndrome. Our families tell us repeatedly that LPB is the one resource in our community that has most heavily influenced their family, and of the transformative effect we have had on their lives. It has been a pleasure collaborating with the DSF team and truly an honor that we can call them colleagues. We are so grateful that DSF gave us the opportunity to do something great ten years ago - a chance to help people with Down syndrome become all that they are meant to be."

-- Julie Messina
President, The 3-21 Foundation, Inc.

"The students who participated in the Learning Program classes hosted by the Down Syndrome Guild were eager to learn and work with the highly visual materials based on the errorless learning strategies shared. Our graduates exhibited greater desire to read and work with their books as the program progressed. One parent reported 'My child now understands that he should read left to right. He points to each word when saying the word while looking at pictures for context. He has increased vocabulary and speaks longer sentences when using books now.' DSG is grateful to DSF for creating stimulating and highly engaging materials to help learners with Down syndrome increase their literacy and numeracy skills."

-- Amy Allison
Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City

Partnership Models

LP Onsite


  • LP Onsite Partnership is for groups with the interest in and capacity to deliver a high-quality face-to-face educational experience for their local families.
  • Partner is responsible for complete program execution.
  • Fees include training, guides, presentation materials, videos, resources and consultative support. Partner has option of self-printing monthly literacy/math materials or ordering them from DSF at discounted partner rates.
  • Partner has flexibility on program levels delivered and whether to serve parents only or include student classes.


  • Partner has control over local program delivery, including marketing, registration, location and staffing.
  • Partner can develop its own LP culture, responsive to local needs, and customize resources for local area content; this is the development of a truly local community of support around educational issues.
  • With strong leadership and oversight for successful execution, program can equip parents to support their learners, improve academic outcomes for learners and serve as a grant source for organizations.
LP Host
LP Online Coordinator

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Current Partners

Our Learning Center base is in Irvine, California, but we currently partner with organizations operating across the United States and in Japan.

Four of our longest and/or most active Learning Program Partners form our Steering Committee:

  • The Marin Fund, St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri/2008)*
  • 3-21 Foundation (Boston, Massachusetts/2009)*
  • Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia (Falls Church, Virginia/2009)*
  • Montgomery County Down Syndrome Interest Group (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania/2013)

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