About Down Syndrome Foundation

Our Vision

Effective education and community inclusion for people with Down syndrome.

Our Mission

To serve people with Down syndrome by developing educational, social and support programs delivered in partnership with individuals, families, professionals and communities.

Our Core Competencies

Programming - DSF is a leader in the development of educational programming for students with Down syndrome. DSF's program goals are to improve academic and social outcomes and maximize independence in adulthood.

Education - Through its programs, DSF shares strategies, resources and activities with parents, students, educators and other Down syndrome groups through face-to-face, online and partnership models.

Collaborating - DSF partners with researchers, educators, Down syndrome groups, and members of its community to increase the scope and impact of its work.

Our Non-Profit Status

DSF is a non-profit organization exempt from federal and state income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and Section 23701(d) of the California Revenue and Taxation Code. DSF was formed on February 11, 2001.

IRS Determination Letter

DSF's Programs & Services

The Learning Program™ - Orange County

  • Monthly Parent and Student Classes
  • After School Academy
  • Adventures Into Independence
  • Summer Academies
  • Education-Based Recreation and Social Events
  • Tutoring and Consultations
  • Teacher and Paraprofessional Education and Materials
  • Support in Accessing Curriculum
  • Local and Regional Conferences

The Learning Program™ - Online

  • Online classes for parents and teachers modeled on our face-to-face program
  • Dedicated site for program information, resources, links and videos

The Learning Program™ - National

  • Train and Mentor Learning Program Partners across the United States
  • Conference Workshops/Presentations to Parents and Teachers

The Learning Program™ - Worldwide

  • Online Store Offers Educational Resources for Students with Visual Learning Strengths
  • Online Learning Communities and Social Networks Provide Worldwide Education Support

Advocacy and Awareness

  • Community Awareness Presentations
  • Visions of Hope Gala
  • Educational Placement Support and Guidance
  • Internship Programs with Students from Local Colleges and Universities