Educator Resources

From online courses to free printable resources, DSF provides a variety of services to help educators support learners with Down syndrome.


Educator Conferences

DSF currently supports educators through LP Online and sharing of free educational resources. However, we also collaborate with the National Down Syndrome Congress to deliver educator-specific conferences across the country. These one-day conferences are designed for educators working to enhance outcomes for their students with Down syndrome, autism, and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Practical in nature, each conference works to support identification and implementation of strategies applicable to K-12 classrooms, including effective reading interventions, differentiated and universally designed curriculum, technology, and behavioral practices. Attendees leave equipped with ideas, tips, strategies, tools, and solutions they can implement in the classroom.

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Online Courses

Learning Program Online (LP Online™) is DSF's online platform for sharing strategies, resources and activities to improve academic outcomes for students with Down syndrome. Based on the face-to-face Learning Program, LP Online™ equips participants with the knowledge and tools to work effectively with students with Down syndrome in home and school settings.

Online courses to support learners with Down syndrome


Printable Learning Resources

Some of our specially-developed educational materials are available to download for home and classroom use via our LP Archive.  Choose the literacy or math resource you need to support your student.  Our staff and online community are available to help every step of the way.

LP Archive Printable Learning Resources


Digital Learning Materials

If your students are motivated by iPad use, try our Learning Program app, VisuaLearn. This app supports learning of 144 sight words from the program's Level 1 class through 24 Sight Word Readers (users can read, match, select, name, line draw and build sentences). You may also want to review our list of recommended educational apps.

VisuaLearn iPad App

Educational App Directory