Social Boundaries

Session 1


The Purple Private Circle

The Purple Private Circle is the inner most circle on the circle map. Your learner is the ONLY person in that circle. Your learner is special and unique.

The three “Ts” for the Purple Private Circle are:

  • TALK. Your learner has private thoughts and feelings which are part of their Purple Private Circle. We encourage positive self-talk.
  • TRUST. Your learner decides what emotions they want to reveal to others and is self-reliant when possible.
  • TOUCH. Your learner’s body is their own and they decide who can touch them.


  • Social boundaries are invisible lines that set basic rules for talk, trust and touch.
  • Your learner is the most important person in their world of circles and they interact with people based on social distance.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn/understand:

  • Who is in the Purple Private Circle
  • The three “T” rules for the Purple Private Circle
  • The sign for the Purple Private Circle

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