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Autism iHelp – Sorting

This app is a fun and interactive app that requires the learner to drag and drop items into the appropriately labeled categorical box. (In-app purchases)

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Sorting Game

Teach your child about sorting and arranging with this fun, sorting application. This application helps develop conceptualization, visual perception, and fine motor skills. (In-app purchases)

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Tiny Hands Sorting 3

*LP Favorite* Tiny Hands Sorting 3 is the third game in our Sorting series. Like the other two games of this series, this game teaches about sorting. But it also contains more complex sorting environments such as sorting by concept combinations and contextual classification.

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Tiny Hands Sorting 2

*LP Favorite* This game consists of 12 beautiful environments each focused on a set of basic concepts from the child’s world such as shapes, colors, seasons, and animals.

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