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Word Families by Teach Speech

Word Families by Teach Speech Apps helps develop the skills needed to help recognize and learn word families. Using word families is a powerful way to teach beginning spellers that words contain patterns. Included in this app are the most common word families and some of the words they make up.

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*LP Favorite* Teaches a large variety of reading and math skills with emphasis on pre-k through 2nd grade concepts. Great free app, but you can also unlock all features for $35 yearly fee (worth it)!

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ABC Reading Magic 3

*LP Favorite* This app gives your child experience with letters and sounds to help build their phonemic awareness skills and includes blending and segmenting games. (In-app purchases)

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Long Vowels Word Study

*LP Favorite* Long Vowels Word Study reviews some short vowel patterns while teaching the spelling patterns related to long vowels.

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Short Vowel Word Study

*LP Favorite* Short Vowels Word Study helps kids learn the spelling patterns related to word families and longer short vowel words through developmentally appropriate and hands-on spelling activities.

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