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Composition of Members:

When we started this group, we limited membership to families currently enrolled in The Learning Program. As the program grew and families graduated or moved, we broadened the group's scope. The group now has members who are parents, teachers, and therapists who:

  1. Are currently enrolled in the program
  2. Have been enrolled in the program
  3. Use Learning Program materials (LP Archive or online store)
  4. Are parents of a child with Down syndrome interested in learning more about the LP
  5. Are teachers/aides/therapists working with children with Down syndrome
  6. Are part of the LP's Advisory Board or working in an advisory capacity for the LP

We welcome posts discussing:

  1. Any and all things educational
  2. IEPs and IEP goals
  3. Educational strategies and tools
  4. Placement
  5. Behavioral strategies
  6. Modifications/accommodations
  7. News about LP Partners
  8. Information about useful technology including websites and apps
  9. Information about relevant educational research

Please refrain from posting:

  1. Advertising of any kind and we will do the same (with the exception of information we share about DSF's once yearly fundraiser for the program)
  2. Discussions of any type that do not involve school/education
  3. Discussions about vitamins, supplements or medical research

We try to keep it simple, safe and sane. Please respect divergent opinions and assume that each of us is doing our best for the child or student we support. If you find your post has been deleted, we hope you are not offended. However, there are so many groups available to talk about topics other than education, that we need to keep our focus.

For privacy purposes, we screen every membership request.  We reserve the right to deny membership without explanation.  Thank you for understanding.


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