The Learning Program™


Down Syndrome Foundation's primary program is The Learning Program. Through this general program title, we offer several programs to support students with Down syndrome, their families and the professionals who support them.

Learning Program Orange County (LP OC) involves six levels of classroom programming for parents and their children. The LP OC is delivered through our Newport Beach office and runs from September through June each year. The goal of LP OC is to empower parents as advocates for their children and improve academic outcomes. LP OC complements formal instruction in literacy and math, and includes occupational and speech therapy components. 
Learning Program Online (LP Online) is our online educational community and utilizes online webinars to replicate our face-to-face program. Through LP Online, we are able to extend access to families who work or do not have Learning Program Partners in close proximity. Teachers participate in LP Online also. Participants are able to join live sessions in real time or view recorded learning sessions at their convenience. LP Online serves families from as close as Orange County, California to as far away as Malaysia.
Learning Program Community Classroom (LP Community Classroom) is our way of sharing information and resources with our community.  Sessions are face-to-face and offered either during regular LP OC sessions or as stand-alone seminars.  Through LP Community classroom, we are able to support families and professionals in our extended community who are interested in specific Learning Program topics, but cannot commit to the full 10 month program. 
Learning Program After-School Enrichment (LP After School Academy) is a two hour after school program intended to provide additional academic intervention and social skill building to students in third grade through high school.  Staffed with credentialed teachers supported by interns and volunteers, the program enables us to provide additional hands-on support to students.  Students do not have to participate in LP OC to join.
Learning Program's Teen Time (Teen Time) expands opportunities for youth ages 13-19, for whom few targeted programs exist. Leveraging Learning Program resources and connections, Teen Time focuses on social skill and relationship building for teens.    
Learning Program National (LP National) is our broader resource for parents and teachers through which we provide instructional handouts on best practices for effective education and free-access learning materials. Through this program we serve over 8,700 parents and professionals and help equip them to work more efficiently with students who have Down syndrome or other students with visual learning strengths. 
Learning Program Partners (LP Partners) is the program through which we share educational information, strategies and resources with other Down syndrome groups so they can deliver Learning Programs in their own areas.  See LP Partners for more information.