About Down Syndrome Foundation

The Learning Program™

Down Syndrome Foundation's most innovative work is development and implementation of The Learning Program™. Resulting from partnership with Down Syndrome Education International, Down Syndrome Education USA, University of California, Irvine and an esteemed Advisory Board, The Learning Program™ uses current research on best practices and effective teaching strategies to improve education for children with Down syndrome. 


The Learning Program™ Growth and Partnership*

DSF collaborates with other Down syndrome organizations to assist and support them in developing Learning Program™ models that fit the needs of their members.  Our current Steering Committee Member Partners include:  

Our current Learning Program Partners include: 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  DSF's partnership with the above-mentioned Down syndrome organizations is limited to supporting them in the delivery of The Learning Program™.  DSF's partnership does not constitute agreement with or endorsement of any organization's program, service or activity beyond the scope of The Learning Program™.      

Learning Program™ Materials
DSF offers free Learning Program™ materials to families and educators throughout the United States and abroad. DSF's Learning Program™ materials are available free of charge to parents, educators and therapists who register through this website. There are currently over 8,700 registered users of Learning Program™ resources.   


DSF lectures on educational topics through the National Down Syndrome Congress Conference and other Down syndrome organizations and parent groups. DSF works locally and nationally with parents and educators to support effective instruction and improve educational outcomes. 


Visions of Hope Annual Gala 
Since 2001, Down Syndrome Foundation has hosted an annual “Visions of Hope” gala. Approximately 250 to 300 guests attend this event each year. Reaching out to the community for support, this event provides DSF with an opportunity to spread Down syndrome awareness and to raise funds to support the development and implementation of its programs.