LP Online™ Level 3


LP Online™ is an online learning community based on The Learning Program™ and serves as a platform for sharing strategies, resources and activities to improve academic outcomes for students with Down syndrome. LP Online™ equips participants with knowledge and tools to work effectively with students with Down syndrome in home and school settings.

LP Online™ Level 3 is generally recommended for those working with students in 4th through 6th grade (roughly 9-12). Building on strategies and tools from Level 2, Level 3 focuses on supporting development of literacy skills (active comprehension strategies, paragraph creation, phonics and spelling), and math skills (addition/subtraction, place value, ordering and comparing, time). It also addresses general topics such as differentiating instruction, working effectively with your educational team, fostering independence, and memory.

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LP Online™ Level 3 includes 10 Modules with accompanying handouts, instructional videos, resources and links.  There will be weekly Zoom Q&A sessions as well as weekly activity demonstrations through our dedicated LP Online Facebook Group.

Session 1 – Building A Better Reader

Session 2 – Adding & Subtracting

Session 3 – Accessing The Curriculum

Session 4 – Sorting, Patterning, Ordering & Comparing

Session 5 – Putting Words To Work In Sentences & Paragraphs

Session 6 – Making School Work

Session 7 – Blending & More

Session 8 – Teaching About Time

Session 9 – Fostering Independence

Session 10 – Memory



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