LP Online™ Level 2


LP Online™ is an online learning community based on The Learning Program™ and serves as a platform for sharing strategies, resources and activities to improve academic outcomes for students with Down syndrome. LP Online™ equips participants with knowledge and tools to work effectively with students with Down syndrome in home and school settings.
LP Online™ Level 2 is generally recommended for those working with students in 2nd and 3rd grade (roughly ages 6-8). Building on strategies and tools from Level 1, Level 2 focuses on supporting development of literacy skills (fluency, vocabulary, early comprehension, sentences creation, phonics and spelling), and math skills (number concepts to 100, sorting, patterning, ordering, comparing and time). It also addresses general topics such as differentiating instruction, working effectively with your educational team, fostering independence, and memory.
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LP Online™ Level 2 includes 10 presentations with accompanying handouts, resources and links.

Sessions vary, but proposed topics include:

  • September: Building a Better Reader
  • October: Counting Foundation and Beyond
  • November: Accessing the Curriculum
  • December: Sorting and Patterning
  • January: Putting Words to Work in Sentences
  • February: Making School Work
  • March: Letter Sounds and Words
  • April: Teaching About Time
  • May: Fostering Independence
  • June: Memory

Session dates and topics are subject to change.


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