LP User Feedback

What People Are Saying

We frequently receive feedback on The Learning Program and LP Online. We thought it would be helpful to those of you who don't yet know us, to share some of that feedback. 

Feedback From Professionals

In 2011, the California Children and Families Commission of Orange County conducted an evaluation of The Learning Program and reported:

The Learning Program is an important resource for children with Down syndrome and their families; the program is having positive results in increasing parent’s self-efficacy in teaching and supporting their children with Down syndrome and in increasing the children’s early literacy and learning skills.”

The evaluator further reported that: 

  • All parents (100%) stated that they agreed or strongly agreed that the topics presented helped them to work with their child and that they learned strategies to use with their child;
  • The vast majority (over 93%) of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child enjoyed the class;
  • 90% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that they shared the information they learned with their child’s teachers;
  • 87% stated that it was somewhat likely or likely that they would participate in the program the following year.

Additional Feedback From Professionals

  • "They are an amazing resource I provide for my preschool program... Thank you so much."  (CC M.S. CCC - SLP/2014)

Feedback From Families

In addition, parents often share with us the impact they feel the program has had on their family.  Some of the comments we receive are provided here for your information.  

  • "I would absolutely recommend and encourage participation in LP. It has set the foundation for all of [my son's] past, current and future learning. It has empowered me (a non-teacher) to adapt and/or modify work in a way that is effective, meaningful and beneficial for [my son]. It was also inspired me to continue to set the bar high, not only for [my son], but the professionals working with him - to seek out best practices and think outside the box in their teaching."  (LP-OC Grad Level Parent/2014)
  • "We have gained great skills in implementing the program at home to help support the work done (or not done) in the classroom. We've received helpful advice regarding his class placement, goals and IEP challenges."  (LP-OC Level 2 Parent/2014)
  • "The Learning Program has helped with my confidence as a parent to teach my child with down syndrome. I feel like part of a large community of families who have children with Down syndrome. I love that I have materials to use with my child."  (LP-OC Level 2 Parent/2014)
  • "This is a wonderful program that is terribly helpful to those of us not close enough to an in-person program- and who also live in districts behind the rest of the country (and in our case, state) in terms of educating our kids! This has been incredibly helpful to us. Thanks again- so much!"  (LP Online Level 1 Parent/2014)
  • I would definitely recommend The Learning Program, as it is an excellent resource. I have learned about current research regarding learning styles for individuals with Down syndrome. I have obtained very useful teaching materials to work with my daughter at home. My daughter loves to come and is so engaged in each learning stations. Also, it is a great way to build connections and network with other parents.”  (LP-OC Level 1 Parent/2013) 

  • I feel very capable and knowledgeable on how to teach [my child] when I leave there. I love the tools we get, the discussions and I feel my child benefits from the time there.” (LP-OC Level 1 Parent/2013)

  • "The learning program gave me the confidence to know that I was doing everything right and that I can be the best teacher for my son, and thanks to your videos I know I'm doing a good job." (LP Online Level 1 Parent/2013)

  • "There is so much information out on teaching reading, math, memory that it's useful to see the highlighted information vetted and distilled down into a series that a parent can understand and has time to watch and implement." (LP Online Level 1 Parent/2013)

  • "English is my second language and it's not easy to teach anything my child (with DS) using English as well as other native speakers would do. So I thought this program would help me to understand more profoundly how to break down the teaching process and make her learn effectively. Thank you for the wonderful sessions by a very knowledgeble speaker and very useful materials. It was worth experiencing the whole program." (LP Online Level 1 Parent/2013)

  • "I feel this platform gives me the guidance and confidence I need to educate my daughter. Before it I often felt as though I was floundering." (LP Online Level 1 Parent/2013)

  • "The program keeps me on track and makes me find the time to work with my child. It gives me lots of ideas and advice and it helps to connect to other parents." (LP Online Level 1 Parent/2013)

  • "I really loved the program! I think K also LOVED the social aspect of the monthly meetings. I got a lot out of just sitting in the classroom with a group of moms that also have a child with Down syndrome and hearing the great inspiring stories we would share. I can't tell you how wonderful that felt, just all of us accepting each other and wanting success for one another's children. Amazing!" (LP-OC Level 2 Parent/2012)

  • "I don't know if I could feel like I was helping my son the best I could if I quit going to the Learning Program. The resources, the things I learn, the sessions he attends, and even the discussions I have with other parents all remind me that "I can do this" and "D has indefinite learning potential." (LP-OC Level 2 Parent/2012)