Taking A Break

We are taking a break from the Visions gala.  After 15 straight years of crazy Octobers our staff, friends and family needed a year off.  This break has given us time to develop new curriculum to support the 24 students in our After School Academy, create a new series of educational concept summaries and focus on our partnership with NDSC (LP Online is the first program of its Center for Educational Excellence).  

Although we aren't hosting the gala, we could still use your support. Checks can be mailed to DSF, 1451 Quail Street, Suite 110, Newport Beach, CA 92660.  Donations via paypal can be accessed by going to our home page donation key.  We can also take credit card information over the phone if that is your preference.  

As always, we value your support and contributions and promise to be careful stewards of any funding you provide.  We encourage you to look around our website, there is much new content.  You are also welcome to come by our Learning Center for a tour (please call in advance to schedule).  

Happy October!  With gratitude and respect,
Dana Halle, Lisa Fraser, Cheryl Hall, Amy Pearce, Leslie McCormack and our entire Board of Directors

P.S.  If you are sad about missing our Faces of Orange County video this year, you can view past videos here.  In addition, we still get requests to listen to 2013's guest speaker, self-advocate and NDSC Board Member, Christopher Bennett. You can click here to listen to his presentation.