DSF's Programs & Services

The Learning Program™ - Orange County

  • Monthly Parent and Student Classes
  • After School Academy
  • Summer School and Boot Camp
  • Education-Based Recreation and Social Events
  • Tutoring and Consultations
  • Teacher and Paraprofessional Education and Materials
  • Support in Accessing Curriculum
  • Local and Regional Conferences

The Learning Program™ - Online

  • Online classes for parents and teachers modeled on our face-to-face program. 
  • Dedicated wiki for program information, resources, links and videos.  

The Learning Program™ - National

  • Train and Mentor Learning Program Partners across the United States
  • Conference Workshops/Presentations to Parents and Teachers

The Learning Program™ – Worldwide

  • Online Store Offers Educational Resources for Students with Visual Learning Strengths
  • Online Learning Communities and Social Networks Provide Worldwide Education Support

Advocacy and Awareness

  • Community Awareness Presentations
  • Annual Visions Gala
  • Educational Placement Support and Guidance
  • Internship Programs with Students from Local Colleges and Universities